Pink Flamingo Taco Shop

Are you a foodie looking for a fun authentic Mexican cuisine experience? Look no further than Pink Flamingo Taco Shop! This charming little taco stand is situated right off the highway located at 17109 Hwy 271 in Winona, less than 10 minutes from Tranquil Cabins.

Let me share our team’s experience at this cute little taco stand…

Upon arriving, our team was greeted with a bright and cheerful decor full of little details that made us smile. The menu was simple but packed with flavor. Fresh! Real food. Nothing looked canned or processed, and you could see the pride of ownership shine through in all the special sauces and garnishes designed to complement each dish.

The staff were great. I was pleasantly surprised when they seemed eager to accommodate my vegetarian request. I wanted to try the torta, a traditional Mexican sandwich typically consisting of meat, cheese, and assorted toppings, such as lettuce, avocado, and refried beans in a soft split roll. The cook not only made me special orders, but he went above and beyond by making each half different. They were both delicious.


My tortas were grilled and filled with cheese, and grilled veggies, one with avocado and the other with peppers, both mild and spicy. They were served warm, gooey, crunchy, chewy, and a little spicy. The photo I took doesn’t do them justice. (Helpful hint: Leftover tortas will rewarm beautifully over the fire at your campsite.) Other members of the group sampled an array of menu items as well and everyone was delighted with their food. Check out those food pics:

Delicious tacos

We all left excited to share the experience.

To recap, the service was great, the staff was friendly and our food came out quickly. While we visited during a slow time, I suspect that even during peak dining hours, the service would be consistent with our experience. It’s worth noting that Pink Flamingo is closed on Sunday and Monday, so plan accordingly.

Since visiting, we have become fans/followers of the Pink Flamingo Taco Shop on all the social sites. They stay active and the food pictures will make your mouth water. I appreciate the transparency. They are a small business and stay on top updating fans of specials, changes, and early closings due to selling out.

Pink Flamingo offers indoor and outdoor seating, as well as takeout. The phone number is (903) 707-0925 in case you want to call in your order and take food to your campsite. The parking area looks like it could fill up fast during peak hours. As for price range, expect to pay reasonable prices for fresh, authentic Mexican food.


The Pink Flamingo is a cute place to take a break and sip on a homemade Horchata or Aguas Frescas while they prepare your meal.

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