What is Glamping?

Picture This

Most people can agree that time spent outdoors is time well spent. The only problem is that to really get out in nature, you tend to have to get dirty. Sometimes it’s too hot (or cold!), tent sleeping isn’t usually very comfortable, and there are no toilets! To some of us, that last part is extremely important. Let me introduce you to Glamping!


For those of us who aren’t exactly interested in “roughing it”, we have a wonderful alternative at Tranquil Cabins. Glamping lets you experience the grandeur of nature as you do with traditional camping, but you get to do so much more comfortably. Our cabins include a comfortable queen-sized mattress with crisp white linens, a kitchenette to cook simple meals in, a shower with hot water, and a toilet. Each cabin has its own private pad site with picnic table, adirondack chairs, and fire pit to enjoy just outside your cabin’s door.

Glamping in Winona

Winona, TX is a very small town, but the surrounding areas have so much to offer! Surrounding attractions include Tyler State Park, First Trade Mondays in Canton, crawfish during springtime in Big Sandy, and much more!

Our goal at Tranquil Cabins Winona is to provide a cozy place in nature for you to relax, disconnect, and most importantly get to do these things comfortably.

let nature nurture you