Old Fashioned Popcorn

Popcorn without a Microwave

As adults, we often forget the importance of taking breaks and indulging in simple pleasures. One such pleasure that I overlooked is the experience of making popcorn the old-fashioned way. Because we live in a fast-food world, most of us never consider making popcorn without using a microwave. The microwave process is so simple it barely requires brain power. Toss in a bag, hit the popcorn button, and voila! 2 minutes and 22 seconds later you have a warm, crunchy, salty treat.

I recently spent time mastering the art of making popcorn the old-fashioned way, and I might never return to the microwave route. I have adopted the stove top method at home and I will definitely be adding fireside popcorn to the menu every time I recess at Tranquil Cabins. There’s something so delightful about the process. It’s a very sensory-driven. Maybe it’s because of the whole mind and body connection. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes, a little more patience and effort, but the journey is part of the fun. Childlike anticipation builds as you watch and listen to the kernels pop and smell the buttery aroma filling the air. It takes only about 10 minutes and clean-up is minimal. It’s still a quick and easy snack to make. You should definitely give the old-fashioned popcorn experience a try.

Here’s how:
First up, we have the very old-fashioned way of making popcorn over a fire. This method is perfect for a cozy night on your next camping trip. All you need are some popcorn kernels, oil, foil, a skewer, and a fire.



Single serving
Time to cook: 3 min.

Mise en place


The process:
Place kernels in the foil & cover with/ oil. Wrap the foil loosely around the ingredients. You want to allow room for lots of expansion. Use an edge of the foil to attach to the skewer. Hold over the fire and keep it moving until you hear the popping start to slow.


If you prefer making popcorn indoors or the weather is not suited for fireside cooking the stovetop method is perfect for you. All you need is a pot with a tight-fitting lid, popcorn kernels, and oil.

Time to cook: 5 min

Mise en Place


Heat the pot to high, add the kernels and oil, and cover with the lid. Keep the pot moving so that the kernels pop evenly and don’t burn. Once the popping slows down, your popcorn is ready to enjoy.

Popcorn Tips: Movement is important! Don’t stop or it will not pop evenly and some pieces will burn. The popcorn is ready when the popping slows down. Listen. It should be about 3 seconds between pops when it is perfectly popped.

Toppings to try

The toppings and trail mix combinations you can try with your old-fashioned popcorn are endless. We will save all of that creativity for another time. Here are three popcorn pairings you try out now.

Classic - just salt

Spicy - Sriracha - My son introduced me to this tasty pairing.

Sweet - Honey - Warning: It is sticky and delicious.


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