Glamping with Man’s Best Friend

There’s nothing better than getting to watch your dog enjoy the life you give them.

You get to wake up every morning to your best furry friend, only to have to leave them Monday-Friday while you go to work. It’s an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to walk out that door and leave them behind. Since they tire of being home alone while we’re at the jobs that tire us, Tranquil Cabins offers an escape for you both.

What we are

At a Tranquil Cabins location, we offer short-term cabin rentals that are perfect for a weekend away with your favorite pup. Enjoy a cozy tiny cabin in the woods, with a small clearing that houses your chairs, fire pit, and picnic table.

What we provide

If you indicate at booking that you’re bringing your dog, your cabin will beset up with a dog bowl, a few treats, disposable bags for their waste, a small towel to wipe dirty paws with, and a 10ft lead at the picnic table for when you’re enjoying the fire together.

What you’ll want to bring

You may want to have a car seat cover for the ride home, in case the walking trails are muddy. Bring along your dog’s favorite leash or harness, and of course, their food (There is a mini-fridge in each cabin in case their food needs to be refrigerated). The water from the kitchen sink is perfectly safe for your four-legged friend to enjoy.

What you’ll want to do

You can hit up the walking trails on each property, share some s’mores by the fire (minus the chocolate, of course!), and simply enjoy being present in each moment with your best friend by your side.

Tranquil Cabins provides a safe place for you to escape the troubles of everyday life, and the icing on the cake is that you get to do it with man’s best friend.

from a recent guest

”Nice setup, well run company. Had doggie bags, bowl, and long line waiting for me and my dog on the counter. Really appreciate the added effort. Thank you!!”

– Sam
let nature nurture you